Let It Clicquot New Year Giveaway

Let It Clicquot New Year Giveaway – letitclicquot.com, It’s going to end on December 31, 2022, which is open for the United States and 18 years of age or older at the time of entry. So, all Interested participants should hurry before the last date. Submit Let It Clicquot Giveaway entry and get an opportunity to win Prizes.

Let It Clicquot New Year Giveaway

How To Enter Let It Clicquot Giveaway?

You can enter www.letitclicquot.com by following the steps, so please follow these steps carefully.

  1. Join online via official page to enter.
  2. Before joining the Giveaway, read carefully all the instructions, which are given on the official page.
  3. You must join between entry periods.
  4. Waiting to win Prizes.

Letitclicquot.com Age Restriction:

This Sweepstakes is open for the United States and 18 years of age or older at the time of entry.

Let It Clicquot New Year Giveaway Duration:

This Sweepstakes ends on December 31, 2022.

Let It Clicquot Giveaway Prizes:

Entry PeriodPrizeNumber of PrizesARV
12/1/2022$10 Music eGift Cards2$20
12/2/2022$5 Coffee eGift Cards50$250
12/3/2022$25 Fandango Promo Code10$250
12/4/2022$50 Spa eGift Card1$50
12/5/2022$10 eGift Cards4$40
12/6/2022$5 Sweet Treat eGift Cards25$125
12/7/2022$25 Rideshare eGift Card1$25
12/8/2022$25 Fandango Promo Code10$250
12/9/2022$10 eGift Cards4$40
12/10/2022$25 Fandango Promo Code10$250
12/11/2022$50 Spa eGift Card1$50
12/12/2022$25 Concert/Event eGift Card1$25
12/13/2022$25 Fandango Promo Code10$250
12/14/2022$10 eGift Cards4$40
12/15/2022$25 Rideshare eGift Card1$25
12/16/2022$25 Fandango Promo Code10$250
12/17/2022$50 Experience eGift Card1$50
12/18/2022$25 Concert/Event eGift Card1$25
12/19/2022$50 Athletic eGift Card1$50
12/20/2022Coffee Table Book (ARV $30)2$60
12/21/2022Straw tote bag (ARV $25)2$50
12/22/2022Glass set (ARV $20)2$40
12/23/2022$25 Rideshare eGift Card1$25
12/24/2022Sunglasses (ARV $5)2$10
12/25/2022Umbrella (ARV $10)2$20
12/26/2022$50 Experience eGift Card1$50
12/27/2022$5 Sweet Treat eGift Cards25$125
12/28/2022$10 eGift Cards4$40
12/29/2022$25 Fandango Promo Code10$250
12/30/2022$50 Athletic eGift Card1$50
12/31/2022$25 Rideshare eGift Card1$25
Grand Prize$1,500 in Travel eGift Cards & a $500 check1$2,000

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